We focus on so much more of accuracy and precision with our trades. We don’t use indicators that lag – We use pure price action and market structure and trade off patterns. It is the best way to learn to trade and scientifically proven to be the most profitable. With us, we will fine tune your trading. You will learn how to backtest pairs, and you will learn how to chart them up, and how to use all time frames from the 1 day to the 15m to execute your trades.We can guarantee you with one month of being with us on <a href=””>ATPL course to become a commercial pilot</a>, you will learn more then what you learn anywhere else. We are elite forex trader

With us, we don’t focus on money or pips, we focus on %, as any pro would.We believe % is scaleable, and if you can 10% on a $100 account you can do the same with a $1,000,000 account. The amount of money you can earn is completely based on your trading strategy and what you are willing to risk in lot sizes per trade. TopFlight Trading does not guarantee specific profits. We have a proven track record of 10-30% monthly.

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